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Rosalinde's Diary >KEEP OUT!<
Rosalinde, age 10

Quote:Dear Diary,

Father has given me new assignments today. I am so excited! Whenever Father gives me a new assignment, it means I'll get to spend time with him. He's so busy and these are the only times I get to sit with him and learn more about what he does. This time I'm going to learn about cuts and bruises and how to treat them. It's really simple, I think, but this way if something happens at home I can help Mother better.

It also helped to put Father in a better mood. Today he found out that he did not get the promotion he had been trying so hard to get. He yelled at Bianca for her brick tower even though she's still too little to know better. I guess I should have tried to get her to clean up sooner? It is my job as the oldest to help Mother other with Valerie and Bianca, so that Father won't get cross.

I will work hard tomorrow to do well on my classes and with Father's assignments. I will make him proud and happy!

Quote:Dear Diary,

I got perfect marks in class today, Mother was so pleased! I showed Father and he looked happy, he even pat my head and said I did a good job! I'm going to study a little harder to get perfect marks in all my subjects!

I should probably help Valerie study, too, she got a bad grade in her languages class and Father was very disappointed. He made Valerie cry a little, she was so upset! If I can help her improve, Father will be happy and maybe he'll praise Valerie, too. She's kind of shy, I noticed, so she'd never ask for help aloud, but I can tell she wants it. Once I get to my languages assignment, I'll ask her to do hers with me and then I can help her at the same time I do mine.

Oh, it's bed time now!

Quote:Dear Diary,

Father is angry with me I think. He is definitely disappointed.

I wasn't first in my class for the whole year, but I was third! I studied really hard and I helped Valerie study and Bianca learn her basic mathematics, both of them did much better this year. I'm sure it's because of my help. I can't make excuses though. Father gets really mad when any of us do, so I don't think I can tell him about it. I can't cry about it either, that upsets Father, too.

I'll just have to do better this next year! I'll make him real proud of me when I do get first! And I'll learn more about first aide, too, and that will surely make him happy. He likes that I ask him about his work and to teach me, he really smiles then, so I'll do more of that.

Quote:Dear Diary,

I'm learning so much from Father! And from school! I think I'll definitely be a Medic like Father is, because then I can help all sorts of people and I just know he'll like that. He's suggested it a lot to me recently in all these little ways, maybe because I've asked him more about what he does and to teach me.

I'm really excited!
Rosalinde, age 15

Quote:Dear Diary,

We are determining our future career interests in our classes. I already know what I will do. I plan to go to college and pursue my studies as a Medic. I suppose I could consider being a proper Doctor or a Surgeon, but I feel like being a Medic is better. I would be able to interact with all sorts of people and many different ailments and I could help the greatest amount of people that way. And also because Father is a Medic as well, I know he will approve. He had already said as much.

My teacher made me take the sheet home home anyway, even after I filled it out and tried to hand it in. I don't need to think it over and I know I won't have to discuss it. In a way, I've been discussing it for years already. I know all my basic first aide and Father has been showing me more advanced techniques to practice and learn. By the time I get to college, I will be ahead of everyone else.

I suppose we have to wait until all the possible professions have been introduced to us. But really, I'm going to be Medic so it's all so pointless.

Quote:Dear Diary,

Everyone is class was given an aptitude test to determine who had the best potential to Impress a dragon and join the ranks of Dragonriders. I didn't think much of it at the time. It was just another silly test and it is not as if I am planning to be a Dragonrider.

And yet...

We got our results back today and mine were really good. I have these characteristics that mean that I have a very good chance at Impressing and they expect that I would do well as one. I've never thought about doing anything other than what Father did. Or what he wanted. I never had anything else I was really good at other than taking tests, which obviously I can't do for all of my life. It was kind of a shock to see that there was something else out there for me.

Well, I'll probably still go to college and study to be a Medic anyway. There's plenty of other people interested in dragons.
Rosalinde, age 16

Quote:Dear Diary,

Father has taught me all of the first aide skills he knows. I still have a lot to improve upon, but I feel as if I am well on my way to being the best Medic this world has ever seen! Father was impressed with what I have master already and told me he is proud to have at least one child who will follow in his footsteps.

I know he may be disappointed in Valerie and Bianca a little bit. They aren't as much like him as he would like. He has me, though, and I know I can do what he asks. Valerie and Bianca, they have other skills and talents and interests, they should be able to pursue those things. Valerie is willing to go into Nursing, though, she said as much. If I know my sister as well as I think I do, I can see her going in a slightly different direction. She's so gentle and kind and she likes kids, so maybe Teaching? Or if she wants to try and fulfill father's wishes, she could pursue being a Midwife? As for Bianca...

Heh, you can never tell what will be her next interest. She's so fun, but she's always getting into trouble. I have to say, it's getting harder to cover for her and divert Father's foul mood. Hmm, Father may relent pressuring her as well soon since she is so different from all of us altogether.

Quote:Dear Diary,

Father and Bianca got into another fight.

Valerie nearly cried because of all the yelling.

Mother and I managed to diffuse the situation. Mother by guiding Bianca into our room so she could down. I by asking Father about a procedure I had read about in one of his books I was given to study. Bianca never left the room. She even went without dinner! There was no way she was going to apologize to Father. However I did get Father to calm down and we spent much of the night discussing the setting of bones and the various different fractures and how to treat them. What I particular got him to focus on were setting bones of complex fractures that broke skin, requiring some surgery to accomplish. Asking if it were possible to do in the field did occupy him well enough that he may have forgotten about the fight.

Valerie... she told me that she was glad to have me as a sister. She told me Bianca probably feels the same way, she's just being stubborn now that she's starting to go through puberty. I guess she's right in that regard. Puberty can be rough on a girl, especially one who likes to be free and unladen by anything.

Quote:Dear Diary,

I've signed up for college. Next year I'll be starting the advanced schooling. So many of my classmates are going into Apprenticeships as masons and miners and carpenters and all sorts of other things. Some of them are continuing on with college. There are a few who are going to the Weyr, though.

Dragons. I can't seem to help thinking about them when I begin to fall to sleep at night. We really do need them, don't we? Without them we can't fight Thread. Because of them we can live here, grow food, and feel safe. I've never seen one up close before, but the pictures I have seen of them are like the things I've read in the books of the fiction section, fantastical. There's something about them...

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